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Welcome to hacerpanencasa.com
Welcome to Hacerpanencasa.com
Welcome to the 2.0 bakery where you can buy the best ingredients to make the tastiest and healthiest home bread in the market. 
The virtue of this virtual bakery is that we have created an universal standard method that allows you to create any bread.
Our flours are very easy to use:  they only need water and yeast to become bread dough. To knead, you will need a Thermomix or a similar kitchen robot but, if you are brave, you can also do it manually.  After letting the dough rest, so it can have a natural fermentation,  you can bake the bread in your oven. We also offer different workshops, adapted to your needs,  so you can improve your baking technique.
Our objective is to reach everybody. We are very aware on alimentary allergies, specially towards the coeliac illness, in consequence, we have created several gluten-free flours, which also are egg-free and lactose-free. 
Hacerpanencasa.com is the result of the work of our R+D department with the objective to fulfil the social need to know what we eat. Our department makes our special flours with freeze-dried sourdough that allows us to retain the aroma and the qualities of traditional bread.